Culinary Residency Programs at The Archery 

The Culinary Residency programs were created in an effort to provide an opportunity for chefs and people in the food world that operates similarly to an artist residency. In exchange for work, the chef, baker, recipe tester, whomever, has the chance to refine a food concept, prepare for a restaurant launch, thoroughly test recipes from a cookbook, create a new food product, or play around in the kitchen. We encourage collaboration between the residents and other folks at the studio.

The Archery offers access to an equipped professional kitchen, onsite workshop, laser cutter, photo studio, event space, coffee roaster, and cafe.

To Apply, please write to

The Nitty Gritty


  • 1-3 month program

  • The selected chef will be required to cook lunch in the studio, and is then free to use the kitchen and space for personal culinary projects 

  • Lunches feed between 30-45 people and are served communally

  • The style of lunch will depend greatly on the chef, but the mission of The Archery is to create meals that are mindful of ingredient sourcing and waste.  There will always be a vegetarian option

  • The Archery pays for lunch ingredients, and general pantry items

  • Chefs-in-Residence are encouraged to invite people to the space for meals, as well as use the Tasting Room for client meetings

  • Chefs-in-Residence have the opportunity to use The Archery to host pop-ups, events, and dinners


  • 1-3 month program

  • Bakes for FRONT in exchange for kitchen space

  • Profit sharing on baked goods (wholesale system) 

  • Depending on the arrangement, FRONT pays for all ingredients used by the baker-in-residence for goods sold at FRONT Cafe