with Windy Chien
$195.00 (Limit 10 students)

There is nothing like the feeling of using a spoon you made yourself. The simple acts of stirring tea or cooking food become mindful, elevated experiences. In this class learn the process of designing, carving, and finishing techniques. Windy will demo hands-on use of the gouge, Japanese handsaw, Shinto rasp, chisel & mallet, sanding materials and more to create a one-of-a-kind wooden spoon. 

This class is more involved than “rocking chair whittling,” so come prepared to work hard in clothes that can take a little sawdust! You will leave the workshop with your beautiful handmade spoon, a jar of Windy’s homemade organic wood butter, detailed instructions pamphlet, and a supplies/resources list. 

Light snacks and beverages will be provided, however, please bring a bagged lunch due to the length of the workshop.

Windy Chien designs objects that elevate the daily rituals of life. Following careers at Apple and the music industry, she launched her brand in 2015. Windy has developed a singular process for carving her line of spoons. Using Japanese and Swiss hand tools, she ergonomically designs the spoons to feel good in the hand and be used daily. While many methods for spoon carving exist, Windy’s style is accessible to non-professionals without access to a wood shop and requires only a small amount of space and tools. 

More about Windy at http://windychien.com  and @windychien on Instagram.