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1. Slack - Archery Membership Channel

By now, most everyone has been invited to an Archery Membership channel in Slack. This is intended to be the primary and more immediate communication between each other, Archery staff to members and members to Archery staff. We will use this to communicate events, fresh brewed coffee, and any other facility issues. We will post up to the minute news, updates and concerns. This is not a complaint channel, however it will be the best way to communicate any facility issues, access trouble, internet connection problems or other business critical issues. Please do not use this as a public forum for requests. You can send a direct message to Sam Conkling or myself for needs you have.


2. Access

Not sure what we want to say here…For the security of everyone, please do not allow any tailgating in any access point. If you do not recognize an individual, do not grant them access. All visitors/guests must sign in (see #10).


3. Parking

The loading zones in front of the the two large roll-up doors are intended for your use for loading/unloading only. They must be kept clear at all time for everyone to get the benefit of this service. Unfortunately The Archery does not provide any parking for members and we have recently had to start ticketing any cars parked there that are not loading. We are very sympathetic that parking in the neighborhood is severely challenging, but please don’t instruct guests or visitors to park in these zones at anytime for any length of time unless they are loading or servicing the space. They will be ticketed without notice. Once we call, The office of Traffic and parking typically shows up and tickets within 15 minutes.


4. Hours

The main event/meeting space (470) hours are 9-6 for all members. This includes those with 24/7 access in 498. If you need access to 470 space outside of these hours, please let one of us know and we will try and accommodate. This includes weekends and Holidays.


5. Holiday Hours

The 470 space will be closed to all members December 23rd-January 2. 498 will continue to be available 24/7 except on the 24th and the 31st/1st. Please make arrangements as access will be denied on those days.

We have recently had a few alarms set off in the space. This typically occurs because people assume the space is unarmed or more commonly, forget their password. Please make sure you know the password for your access. This is given to the admin of your team. Setting of the alarm unintentionally still typically puts a call into the police department and they send a bill to us for their service calls at $175 per call. This will be passed on to members so please know your code and the protocol matching your membership.


7.Use of Shop & Gear

If your membership includes use of shop or shop equipment/tools, please be advised that any tools must be returned immediately after use during the day. Members will be charged a service fee for tools not returned to the shop or equipment not properly returned to it’s original condition. This includes any use of the commercial kitchen.


8. Member Kitchen

The Archery has provided an ample space and limited kitchen for member use. Effective immediately, this will be consolidated and moved to_____. The kitchen will provide limited refrigeration, hot/cold filtered water, some paper goods and limited plate and silverware. As there will not be a sink provided, please put all dishes into tubs labeled (bussing) and dishes will be washed overnight. Only dishes provided by the Archery will be washed. Refrigerators will be emptied every Friday. Please remove all items or they will be thrown away.


9. Commercial Kitchen

Please understand that only members with a kitchen membership are granted access of the commercial kitchen (The Taste Workshop). This is intended solely for the commercial ventures and not accessible for daily use.

Daily expectations


10. Guests & Check-in

For the safety of everyone, effective immediately, we ask that every guest and visitor check in. To facilitate this, we have installed an iPad at the entry of 470 which is equipped with Envoy. We only ask for an email or phone number and a member sponsor. When we bring in our new host, this will be “policed” rigorously. Until then, please respect everyone else’s safety and security by using the sign in. We want to know who is in the space at all times.


11. Booking of conference rooms

Going forward, we need to book all time spent in the Meet or Gather room. Please do not use these rooms unless you have booked it on the calendar. All memberships include a certain amount of allowed hours. Booking allows us to manage the use and also track usage. If you want to book space, you will be given access to the calendar. This is a low-tech way of seeing what is available and booking the rooms.


12. Mail

All memberships come with limited mail service. This means your company only. Please do not use the Archery as your personal P.O. Box. Any boxes or mail that does not have the listed company will be considered personal and either retired to sender or release with a fee. All items that arrive at The Archery will be photographed and sent to you via slack. All packages that fit in the designated mail room will be placed either in your designated mail box or visible in the room. If you have a larger delivery or palette delivery, please arrange with host. Any mail not picked up within a month will be discarded. The Archery can not be responsible for any undelivered or lost mail.


13. General courtesy of space

This is about cleaning up after yourself.

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