Whether you're a resident at The Archery, or you're here completing a project, our central workspace lounge makes a great place to network with other makers, stage a product shoot, fill orders and answer customer emails. It's also a nice change of scenery if you just want to step away from the workbench to have a coffee or join us for member happy hour. 


FRONT Exhibits + Cafe

In additional to hosting exhibitions in the main hall, FRONT Cafe serves coffee daily and hosts a Food program including Studio Lunch daily for members and the neighborhood.

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Meeting Space

Need to have a meeting? The Archery also has meeting rooms where residents can host visitors or present their work away from their work studios.


Studios & Suites

The Archery offers a general space membership, as well as dedicated desks, shared workbenches and private/semi-private studios. Inquire below to learn more .

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Get in touch to schedule a tour, book a meeting, or request rates for weekly or monthly use.

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